profiles of american folk
stories about people like you.
The Last Cowboy?
Sculpture that Floats
    George Bell carves it like it is and that's just ducky. By Clayton Davis
Gladys in the Sky with Velvet and Other Adventures in the New Las Vegas.
Blue Collar Artist
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Angels We Have Left On High
Ernie and His Prehistoric Beasts
A New York Holtzwurm
    Anton "Tony" Pramberger is a Master Woodworm. By Lisa Gabbert
The Body Art of Brotherhood
Visions of the Virgin Mary
Summer Carhop: A Sonic Journey
Chalking It Up To Fate
The Smiths
    How can a suburban, white, middle class, middle aged couple create folk art? By Michael Owen Jones
The Princess of Mini-Golf
A Life Online: Bryon Sutherland
    What happens when a diary is opened to the world. By Joel Risberg
Gary Robertson: Tradition, Ethnicity, and the Aesthetics of Everyday Living
Home Sweet Home: Brian Kito's Little Tokyo
Edward Hartley: Icon Painter, Chapel Builder, and Creator of Memories.