Top Quality Education Web Sites
by Peter Temes
"Educational web sites abound on the Internet. But who has the time to separate the wheat from the chaff? Each week, we'll highlight high-quality education-related web sites that have caught our eye, with both their content and presentation."
Discover America Here. But you don't even have to send your students anywhere exotic. Discover America through the American Folk page. Why does John Sala drive to every toy store within a ten-hour radius in search of a certain toy? Does Ernie Nelson really build his dinosaurs to last? What does the car art of Jose Sandeval look like? Do you share the love of the body art of brotherhood as much as Ethan Robinson does? What was it like for Nikki Summers to be a carhop all summer, and is that her real name? What do you think of Heather Martinez and her chalk drawings? How much do you really know of America?
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