Folkloristics: An Introduction
by Robert A. Georges & Michael Owen Jones

This comprehensive introduction to the study of folklore begins with the premise that "Folklore is an integral and vital part of our daily lives." Co-author Michael Owen Jones is the patron saint of American Folk and his teachings form the basis of our editorial outlook on this site. A must read.

Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art
by Sandra Mizumoto Posey
with photographs by Sue Nan Douglass

Follow the history of impressed art from the days of Mesopotamian cylinder seals to a group of mail artists who, in this age of instantaneous electronic communication, connect with each other through the languorous channels of the U.S. postal service. Rubberstampmadness calls it "A must for today's stamper who responds to the deeper instincts of the rubber movement during the past 30 years." By the editor of American Folk.

Cowboy Love Poetry : Verse from the Heart of the West
ed. by Jack Lamb and others

A touching and often humorous collection of cowboy love verse, edited by our own Cowboy Jack of The Biscuits and Gravy Quarterly. Start or deepen your explorations of this beloved tradition by seeing a side of the American cowboy you never knew existed.

Top Secret Recipes
by Todd Wilbur

The Colonel's recipe for fried chicken isn't a secret anymore. Todd Wilbur has figured out how to replicate all your favorite brand name foods from the Big Mac to Snickers bars. Check out our review of the Top Secret website. Once you've started cloning the greats, you may also want to move on to More Top Secret Recipes, Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, or Top Secret Recipes Lite!

Diners: People and Places
by Gerd Kittel

From its humble origins in 1872 through its peak in the 1920s and 1930s to its present-day decline, distinguished German photographer Gerd Kittel chronicles the history of the American diner in 68 color images.

Jersey Diners
by Peter Genovese

Featuring more than three hundred color and black-and-white illustrations, a humorous, revealing look at New Jersey's diners explores their origins, their peculiarities, and their popularity in a state that boasts more diners than any other.

Roadside New Jersey
by Peter Genovese

Countering the popular notion that New Jersey is a bland wasteland, author Genovese takes the reader on a rambling road trip through "a New Jersey of homemade signs and amusing street names, of quirky storefronts and wacky business names, of architectural oddities and beautiful country churches, of roadside giants and strange lawn ornaments." Numerous black and white photographs illustrate his conversations with the people he finds there.

Punk and Neo-Tribal Body Art
by Daniel Wojcik

The do-it-yourself ethos of youth subcultures is explored through numerous full-color photographs and an essay on Perry Farrell, founder of Jane's Addiction and the Lollapalooza Tour.

Truck Stop
by Marc F. Wise, photographer
with essay by Bryan D. Salvatore

When Marc Wise graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, instead of applying for grants or making the rounds of galleries he enrolled in truck driving school. This collection of insightful photographs is the result of his subsequent six-year journey on the American road.

Chicano Graffiti and Murals
by Sojin Kim

Muralist Peter Quezada taught himself how to draw and paint not because he merely wanted to create something beautiful but because he wanted to transform the neighborhood he lived in from its gang-graffiti ridden state to a place that people are proud to call home. Enlisting the help of the youth who were often responsible for the graffiti, Quezada became both role model and friend.

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