The Biscuits & Gravy Quarterly seeks to review only the finest, above average B&G to be found. That way, we don't waste any more time than we do. Every now and again, you'll find a review that isn't quite positive. Nobody's perfect, but somehow these places just rubbed the wrong side of the pick-up, so we got some ribbin' to do. But for the most part, you'll be directed to the better B&G in the Western US. The rating system goes like this:

            4 Plates & 2 Coffees: Highest Rating. A magnum opus of B&G.

            3 Plates & Coffee: You're in for a hearty B&G experience.

            2 Plates & Coffee: An okay meal at a palatable price.

            1 Plate & 1 Coffee: Lowest Rating. The food made it to the table. The review says the rest.

          So, as you read our reviews, take a look at their rating, read the article, then cowboy up and go on a trek yourself. We might enjoy getting a letter telling about your adventure. If it's a real winner, we might invite ourselves to stay with you and try your little goldmine. 'Course, we'd buy breakfast. Happy Trails, pards.

          -Jack Lamb