To Be A Top Hand

          When I was a kid and doing my best to
          Learn the ways of our land,
          I thought mistakes were never made by
          A real top hand.

          He never got into a storm with a horse and
          He always knew
          How a horse would react in any case and
          Just what to do.

          He never let a cow outfigure him and
          Never missed a loop.
          He always kept cattle under control
          Like chicken in a coop

          He was never in the right place at the wrong
          Time or in anybodyís way.
          For working cattle he just naturally knew
          When to move and when to stay.

          I just about broke my neck tryin'
          To be and do
          All those things a good cowboy just
          Naturally knew.

          One day while riding
          With a cowboy I knew was one of the best,
          For he had worked in that country for a long time,
          Had taken and passed the test.

          I was telling of my troubles, some
          Bad mistakes Iíd made.
          That my dreams of being a top cowgirl
          Were startiní to fade.

          This cowboy looked at me and said
          With a sort of a smile,
          ĎA sorry hand in the way all the time,
          A good one just once in awhile.í

          Since that day Iíve handled lots of cattle
          And ridden many a mile.
          And I figure Iím doiní my share
          If I get in the way just once in awhile.

          -Georgie Sicking