Not Sausage!

          Cowboy Music

          Cowboy Cultural Society
          You won't find any other radio station like this -- it's cowboy music, cowboy poetry, and GRITS marathons -- marathons of the numerous interpretations of the classic cowboy song "Ghost Riders In The Sky." Every cowboy singer and band you'd expect to find, and many others you've never heard -- not to mention traditional Cowboy Poetry! Tune into this Internet radio station and let it play for hours either through your modem or DSL connection. Drop an email to Laura and say "howdy" and bless her heart for bringing this rare Internet experience to your desktop.

          Western Links

          Jim Janke's Old West Page
          The Canon of Western Web sites: Links like you won't find anywhere else. Mountain men, railroads, Santa Fe trail, Buffalo Soldiers, forts, firearms and music. Warning: You may spend hours here!

          Black Cowboys
          Black cowboys? Though you'd never know it by Hollywood portrayals, only 50% of cowboys were White; roughly 25% were Black and 25% Mexican. Brief bios about Nate Love, Bose Ikard, Bronco Sam and Mr. Add.

          Out West Magazine On-Line
          A quirky collection of Americana. All the people and places you've never heard of, like Maggot Farmers, the Zig-Zag Zoo, and the One Log Restaurant on Wheels (made from the 8' diameter trunk of a California redwood). Have a look see...

          Home Cookin' Recipies

          A Medley of Requests
          Basic sausage gravy recipe and other recipes from Berks County.

          Biscuits and Gravy Recipe
          Not a bad recipe. A little overzealous on the milk and tame on sausage.

          Francis Griffith's Biscuits
          Nevermind Bisquick -- here's biscuits from scratch that'll make you rise up in your jeans and bust out a with big belly holler!

          Quirky Cookin' Stuff

          Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen
          One of the most complete links of 'Cookin' on the Net.' Links to everything from Vegetarian to the Creative Colitis Cookbook; from Hawaiian Thai cooking to Hot as Hell chile's.

          Dutch Oven Cooking
          Ever wanted to do some Dutch Oven cooking, but just didn't know the difference between a Dutch oven and a danish? This page has directions for the greenhorn and the recipes to cook up. Even a fine recipe for B&G.

          Simple Cooking Home Page
          Simple Cooking Magazine is a monthly that puts out some fine writing on good (and simple) home cooking.