in features:
Boxing, Biscuits & Gravy in a Cup new
by Jack Lamb
Silver Star & a Mule Named Vera
by Jack Lamb
Cowboy Grub or Urban Kitsch?
by Jack Lamb
Interview with Cowpuncher Georgie Sicking
by Jack Lamb
The Best Breakfast a Cowboy Ever Ate
Interview with Gail I. Gardner

in reviews:
The Flabob Airport Café
by Jack Lamb
Lookout for Fine B&G South of Crow's Landing
by Jack Lamb

in recipes:
Chuck Green's Gravy in a Cup new
by Chuck Green

in poetry:
Vera Queen of the Canyon
by Ed Steele
To Be a Top Hand
by Georgie Sicking
Sourdough Bread
by Powder River Jack Lee

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